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Chevron Products Stockman

From a team who design and create from practical perspectives, we can have your farm bakkie or work bakkie kitted for your practical needs in no time.


Your business bakkie is your 'office on wheels.' We can fit the rack to match your unique business requirement: Canopy racks to fit all types and sizes, bumper to bumper racks for those carrying extended length ladders and equipment; side racks for specialized cargo such as glass sheets. No matter the brand, age or size of the bakkie, we can make a rack to fit. We can also rack panel vans with gutter or roof mounted racks to suit.



Enhance the practicality of your rack with ladder, stand-up, link-stick holders, rollers, telestruts, ratchets, over cap legs, load stoppers or toolbox.



We make Stockman labour rails, cargo rails or hunting rails (Game Viewing) to suit most makes of bakkie.

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