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Polyurethane Lining: for optimal protection & visual appeal

Ideal for Double Cabs, Single Cabs or Extended Cab load bins. Trucks, Trailers, Horse Boxes and Panel Vans. Interior or Exterior Applications.

A polyurethane bin lining is an ideal addition to your bakkie to protect the load bin area. It provides a rust-proof, corrosive resistant and non-slip surface which not only looks great, but is practical as well. 

 We pride ourselves in using POLYSHIELD imported chemicals – a world-class product to protect you investment.


  • Protects the load bin area from rust, water & other hard conditions

  • Hot application

  • Protects your goods from moving around

  • Used for bakkies and other light delivery vehicles

  • Interior application suitable for panel vans and ambulances.

  • 3mm (standard) or 5mm (heavy duty) variations

Arma-Coat Option


A fine finish, smooth polyurethane application, ideal for the owner/driver for an aesthetically pleasing look, perfect for leisure vehicles.


Double Finish Arma-Coat for the owner-driver leisure vehicle owner.

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